• Surity, Sourcing Agent
    We enable our clients to direct source
    Better, Quicker, at Lower Cost
    Surity works with sector leading manufacturers
    to deliver best value products for our clients.


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About Surity

Established in 2010, Surity is an independent sourcing services provider. We partner with our clients to define, develop and deliver their sourcing programs.

Our expertise spans hard goods for Trade, DIY and Garden markets, in which we manage over $150m of annual shipments. Each year we develop and deliver over 2,000 new products in addition to our core ranges.

Our Team

Our team includes Experts in Product Sourcing and Development, Quality Engineering, Packaging and Supply Chain.

Our team members have extensive experience across international markets and have been drawn from some of the worlds' largest retail groups and brands.

As our major clients operate across multiple markets, including Europe, Australasia and the Middle East, we have particularly strong knowledge of international product standards and testing criteria.


What We Do

Operating within a comprehensive Governance Framework, we manage all aspects of Direct Sourcing.

Source, Sourcing, Buying Agent


Identification, Evaluation and Selection of Manufacturers.

Product Develop


Specification, Development, Testing and Approval of Products.

Deliver on Time


Production, Inspection and Delivery of Goods.

Category Scope


Surity source hard goods across the full scope of Trade, DIY and Garden products.

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